Business Planning

When Connie Bauswell sits down with you to discuss a business plan, she has three basic goals in mind: to help you receive the greatest possible return on your investment, to protect you financially, and to protect the business entity itself. She must take into account the possibility of your business’s growth and success, as well as the possibility of setbacks or downturns in the economy. And, she must consider the timing and manner of your exit from the business.

Connie has the experience to help you at start-up, at exit, and at every stage in between. She welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with other members of your business team, including your company’s financial advisors, attorneys, chief financial officer and anyone else you desire.

Business Exit Planning

In terms of how much money you ultimately earn from your business, your exit strategy can be just as important as your initial business plan. Connie will draft a plan that ensures you receive the maximum value for your business, while paying the minimum amount of taxes. She can also help you with some or all of the following issues:

  • Discovering your precise retirement goals and what it will take to reach them
  • Determining the exact value of your business, in cash
  • Transferring your business to family members, co-owners or employees
  • Selling your business outright to a third party
  • Maximizing your income stream after you transition out of your business
  • Converting business value to cash
  • Protecting your business should something unexpected happen to you